Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Pejmanesque Has A New Backup

And here it is. Think I will do a bloglist on the side soon that has all the real spots and all the emergency backups as well.

Little Tiny Lies Has A New Backup

Now he swears that he was trying random names and this one worked, but...

Go check out Analprobe and be sure to check out his suggestion for what to do about the WWW site that appears to be the focus of the DOS attack. I like it. I like it a lot. Let's rock.

Well, my main site is back up, but I can't edit or do anything on it yet. Not a real problem but it is nice to see things starting to sort back out. Now, if we can only sort out the people behind this...
Not Much New

Hosting Matters is continuing to work the problem, despite what appears to be some problems upstream of them, and some shrill whining about people taking their business elsewhere. For whatever it is worth, I have had very good service and support from them and have no intention of leaving over a terrorist act not of their making or control. The DOS does seem to be aimed at one blog in particular, which specializes in exposing terrorists sites and communications, and possibly at several of the good warblogs that are in place.

There is some good discussion at Winds of Change that you should check out, and if you are a Hosting Matters client, get thee to the support forums and check things out for yourself. Let me again push Winds of Change for some good info on cyber security, the chilling effect both the attacks and the threatened pullouts may have on free speech, and on the nature of digital terrorism.

This Is Not A Test

This is the activation of the official Laughing Wolf Emergency Broadcast System. Because of a cowardly DOS attack that has taken out many sites at Hosting Matters, this site has been created to keep you informed of events, updates, and posts that can't be seen at Laughing Wolf.

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